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Hello there. I wore the wrong shoes for these pants today. Totally clashing.
I skimmed through all of those Medium posts and could not find any Institutional sexual abuse , what is that Blake Morgan talking about?
Meanwhile, they do have an app where you can punch Trump and other politicians like Hillary Clinton... But a silly frog is offensive?
Ugh, the old selfies joke. Seen it so many times now.
This commercial has clearly pissed off a bunch of grandparents.
Twitter have unblocked the Israeli ambassador!
Hi @sweden, I WAS UNBLOCKED. Hope all is well and that you don't find me now as scary as before..— Isaac Bachman (@isaacbachman) May 17, 2017
So cheesy!
ew, that pun.
This is one of those ideas that make me jealous that I didn't make it. Very funny.
Insinuating that Dabitch is uneducated about the ways of the Danes and Carlsberg....
Friendly reminder that Carlsberg "I get a kick out of you" is but one of the campaigns that Dabitch worked on for...
That was quite the art direction, it looks almost like an anime, just a little too perfect.
@Dabs, I noticed, like you noticed the silence from the biological mother, that the men in the ad never get to speak. Now that you alerted me to the male pretending to be a mother something deep...
@Fairuse, I've seen you here for years, yet I never understand your comments. Could you elaborate?
As usual, Sorrel is up to something. Great for his bottom line is usually not great from a creator perspective.