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Creatives in advertising agencies fall into 7 categories. We know who you are. Do you?

  • 1) The Resigned Creative.
  • You have worked in the same agency for 8 years. You remember the good old days, when clients actually bought your work. You occasionally get to produce a campaign of in-store shelf wobblers for dishwasher detergent. You have work in your book for a beer campaign from 4 and a half years ago that won you a pewter tankard award from Brewer's Monthly magazine. You sweat cynicism. You wear permanent 'shit happens' sucked-in lips. Your eyes are glazed over due to excessive confidence-crises.

    Pardon me while I adrant.

    by moi, a cynical pounder, who still hasn't found the ideal job.

    To show your book around is painful, frustrating,and time consuming, what should one do? We've all been there. We've all seen the two-faced ad men talk bullshit straight to our faces. We've all pounded the pavement with our books, wasting far too much time talking to the wrong people and getting the wrong replies.

    sela Francis, would-be copywriter
    Here comes another Nike ad, I thought. Slow motion telephoto shots
    of athletes with quivering cheeks, supreme effort,pain, etc.Except it ended
    with the McDonald's logo. Is Wieden & Kennedy selling off unused ads?