reviews superbowl bonanza

Want to know when certain spots will be airing during the Super Bowl this Sunday? We've got a short list to whet your appetite, and to help you plan those bathroom breaks.

Pizza Hut will be introducing the 4forALL Pizza, individual pizzas with different toppings, during the superbowl. Pizza Hut calls on the cast of the Muppets and Jessica Simpson to launch this. Kermit the Frog wants green peppers on his pizza, Animal wants meat of course, The Great Gonzo wants classic pepperoni and Miss Piggy wants veggies, arguments ensue until Jessica saves the day by suggesting the 4forALL option. Jessica then blows Kermit a kiss that provokes Miss Piggy to yell into a bullhorn, "STEP AWAY FROM THE FROG!"

old gags never die. Maybe they bought the pizza with their mastercards?

update: Miss Piggy and Jessica Simpson interviewed. hat tip Claymore.

The (outstanding) Claymore Project is getting bigger - we've got the superbowl commercials from 1969, the superbowl commercials from 1979 to 2003, and have just added all the superbowl commercials from 1975.

Extravagant, glorious, funny, tacky, old and brand spanking new - The Claymore Project will not stop growing despite being the largest superbowl archive on the web to date. We will also add the 2004 superbowl commercials after February One when they have aired - one stop shopping for superbowl ad research. Like Coke used to say, Enjoy!

Now that every one has seen the Super Bowl ads, they all have an opinion on them. A mix amoung the masses it seems. Netscape has a poll on your favorite Super Bowl ad...topping their list is Budweiser's Zebra Ref, followed by Terry Tate Office Linebacker by Reebok and Bud Lite Upside Down Clown. Most main stream media sites have a poll of some kind. It's interesting to note that it's not always the same ad in the top spot.
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Super Bowl commercials - so what's the big deal about them anyway? They're just commercials.
Then again, maybe they're big, extravagant, glorious, fantastically creative spectacles of free enterprise celebrating art and commerce at their best. Well... at least a bunch of them are.

Like it or not, commercials are mirrors of our society. As a result, they become an important part of our culture and history. So good or bad, nice or nasty, gorgeous or ugly, bland or spicy, we've gathered them here.
And because we are who we are, we decided to take things a few steps further by taking a few steps back.

Just click one of the bowls above and enjoy. - Clayton T. Claymore

Currently showing superbowl commercials from 1979 til 2004, plus special bonus early-early years: that's 30 years of superbowl ads, the years 1973 and the bigger 1976 are bonus years that are not complete. Counting 2004, that makes 30 years. Beat that! ;)