For immediate release: Finally, someone says what we’re all thinking this Christmas. Banks’s Beer does away with the cheesy festivities with its refreshingly honest take on the holiday season.
Here's a cool idea. Banks Beer took a disused, boarded-up building and turned it into a giant, 11-metre-tall advent calendar. Each of the 25 windows reveals a cheeky Christmas-themed graffiti design and witty commentary that subverts the season’s cultural conventions. ‘Tells Christmas Like It Is’ takes place in Wolverhampton, the brewery’s home turf. Love the regional humor to this, too.
And don't be bummed if you can't get to the building in real life. There's an interactive version online as well.

Client: Bank's Beer
Agency: Big Al’s Creative Emporium
Creative Directors: Stef Jones, Tom Burnay
Creative: Martin Gillan
Designer: Richard Pursey
Social media: Tom ‘Gunner’ White
Planner: Laurie Castelli-Gair
Client: Gaynor Green at Marstons
Assistant Brand Manager: Amie Cater