Mellow Mushroom, a hippie-born pizza place in Atlanta, will roll out their first national campaign created by ad agency BooneOakley, Charlotte. The campaign consists of two :30s and two different :15 second edits, all playing on the old parody of pharma ads. Since "Mellow Mushroom" conjures up thoughts of the free-wheeling and pot smoking seventies when the chain was born, this old trope fits this brand better than most. In this spot we see a man suffering from "cravings", while the smooth VO asks “Do you suffer from irritability, boredom, and chronic cravings?” Meanwhile the ticker-disclaimer ensures you know that they didn't conduct any studies to back up these claims. "Not even one.”

Our protagonist finds that he feels better when he's on Magic Mushroom. The punch-line of the campaign is to “Ask your doctor about Mellow Mushroom," in this scene a lab-coated blond joins him in his booth and the VO declares "She may want to come with you."

The ads will run ACC, during every Saturday afternoon game of the 2016 season, Mellow Mushroom is the season’s exclusive Official Presenting Sponsor. A large group of college football fans love a good pizza place, and research showed that these viewers were unfamiliar with the brand.

Ad Agency: BooneOakley, Charlotte CD: David Oakley AD: Eric Roch von Rochsburg CW: Mary Gross Agency Prod.: Laura George Production Company: Boulevard Films, Charlotte Director: Glen Owen DP: Jordan McMonagle Exec Producer: Billy Patete Producer: Angela Street Post/Color Correct: Wondersmith, Charlotte Editor: Chris Walldorf Producer: Joe Murray Telecine Artist: Clark Bierbaum Sound: Groundcrew Studios, Charlotte Engineers: Ross Wissbaum , John Causby