PETA ambushes hired actors people on the street in a focus group to try a new milk, only to pull the rug that it is actually dog's milk! Blargh!
Then PETA asks this question: dog's milk, cat's milk, rat's milk, cow's milk, isn't it all the same?

Answer: No. No it is not.

Moreover, if you have to ambush someone into thinking they are drinking another animal's milk then you don't have a leg to stand on either. I would also argue if you managed to find people instead hired actors, then all you did was make them think less of you.
So congrats for that.

But I think they're on to something. if I'm the meat association of the UK or whatever, I would turn the tables, stop unsuspecting vegans to try a new "textured protein," and then reveal they are eating meat.

Lamb. Pork. Beef. What's the difference? Isn't it all tasty and delicious?

Agency: Don't Panic London Client: PETA UK Project Lead: Ellie Moore Creative Lead: Tom Loader & George McCallum Director/Producer: Errol Ettienne Design: Paul Howard & Chris Seaborn Editor: David Graham Grade: David Graham Camera: Jake Martin, Elliot Felton & Oliver Mort