.spec work (ads)

Philip Hovensjö, Max Pilwat, Andy Schwitter and Westley Taylor at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg came up with this clever little idea to have people donate unwanted/unused apps this holiday season, turning the apps into money for the Salvation Army.
Since Apple actually makes a % of every app-sale, and the app-maker makes the rest, I'm not sure exactly where the money is coming from here, but it sounds like Apple is meant to give away the cost of the app as a donation. Hmmm.

Well, that didn't take long. The Facebook ad about chairs is now nicely spoofed by Dónal Mulligan, Cian Markey & Richie Nolan. Chairs are like facebook they say, you can sit on them, share pictures of kittens, and masturbate. Facebook and chairs are like doorbells. Heroin. Toilet paper. This thing. After you've stopped laughing, seriously consider the pay-off. Log out.

Nicely done gais, you've just yanked the chair out from under the pretentious facebook ad. *clap clap clap*

On twitter the gang of three are: @donalmulligan @cianmarkey @richie_nolan

Flamingo Casino - Meet the family - (2012) :30 (USA)

Peter Dietrich directs this BBDO SF spec effort for Flamingo Casino.

The idea is you'll get a lot of deals when you get on Flamingo Las Vegas' website.

The spot is...well, basically, a dude meets his girlfriend's family and they're all hot. Including the sexy mermaid goldfish and the dad who is a hot chick with a dad's voice. Because the boyfriend gets more than he bargained for. Or something.

It feels like it's a Bud Light spot transplanted as a Las Vegas resort hotel spot.

What does one say to this?

Beyond the sexy lady factor there's not much to say about it that can redeem it into anything approaching interesting or good.

Carrington College - "Carrington College Squirrel" - (2012) :30 (USA)

Award-winning animation and visual effects studio Hinge Digital recently teamed up with BVK to create a clever series of advertisements for Carrington College. The integrated campaign includes two animated and live-action broadcast spots, as well as three online outtakes, 24 print ads, plush toys and more, which all showcase original character designs by Hinge Digital’s talented team of artists. “Carrington College Squirrel,” the first :30 campaign promo, introduces new Carrington bird mascots, Goldie and Blue, and is now airing on TV, with a live-action spot to follow in September. Comedic outtakes from the project are also available to view online here: http://hingedigital.com/work/#carrington.