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Laura Ashley - Sasha / spec - (2010) (UK)

The concept behind the acclaimed spec spot Sasha was a daring one: capture in less than two minutes the imaginative and mischievous life of one joyful little girl. LA-based jumP Editor Nick Lofting sifted through several hours of footage to gather a few key moments, expressions, bits of dialogue, and impishness, transforming what could have been a short sketch into a deep, gentle narrative that leaves viewers feeling both connected with Sasha and inspired to imagine the rest of her life.

So, how does one go about illustrating the inner life of an unusually creative child? Working with @radical.media Director Brett Froomer - whose notable career is highlighted by memorable commercial campaigns for brands such as Citgo, US Army, Kodak, Prudential and PDFA as well as five successful personal studies, Lofting pored over hours of play and interviews with Sasha, her parents, and her two sisters.