PETA - Boyfriend went Vegan - (2012) :30 (USA)

This young woman suffers from a painful condition, knowns as bwvaktboom, as in "Boyfriend went vegan and knocked the bottom out of me. Yes, that really is a shame, isn't it? PETA specifically wants you to pay attention to this:

For years, women have been open to the physical, emotional, and karmic benefits of veganism. But now, more and more men are discovering the perks of a plant-based diet. More specifically, a dramatic increase in their wang power and sexual stamina.
Unfortunately, the consequences of all this mind-blowing intercourse can often lead to sex injuries such as whiplash, pulled muscles, rug burn, and even a dislocated

Feministiskt initiativ : Feminister gör det bättre / Feminists do it better - (2009) :70 (Sweden)

Feministiskt initiativ (Feminist initiative political party) began a campaign last week with the message: feminists have better sex. Over a thousand people have already joined the facebook fan page, and debate is raging in the newspaper where Elin Grelsson, linguist, suggest that the campaign makes women feel guilty , and that it is vague to what it actually means, with its buttons and flyers and a commercial that is made up of various Hollywood scenes that depict "shoddy gender sex" (sunkigt könsrollssex).

Gudrun Schyman, the FI party leader posted an article at Newsmill: "happiness is relationships without reservation", stating this leads to better sex. The idea for the campaign stems from research that shows that in relationships where partners were on an equal footing, their sexlife was better.

The film has been edited together by members of FI. Am I the only one wondering if these clever politicians remembered to secure the rights for all the clips? - Sex with Hitler - (2009) :30 (Germany)

The ad is called "Im Bett mit Adolf Hitler" and is signed;

The Deutsche Aids-Hilfe (DAH) group say the campaign is despicable as: "it compares HIV positive people with mass murderers"

The campaign website was blocked or down soon after the ad launched, and the ad was scrubbed off youtube right quick. On the question why the campaign-site went dead the chairman of the Association, Jan Schwertner avoided the question. "The message is clear. Anyone who can understand the message, including this campaign. The campaign is now underway, we'll see what happens in the near future," said Schwertner.