Refugee children are missing. Help find them.

Since 2014, 10,000 child refugees have disappeared soon after arriving in Europe. Despite lack of news coverage this is a big story, and people aren't aware how big a problem it really is.

Stabilo markers make it easier to highlight what's important

Important words grab our attention when properly highlighted, making it easier to go back for a second read. Neat campaign for Stabilo markers.

PIRCH Home Retail Showroom gets cheeky with tastemakers

This May, PIRCH will open a 32,000 sq. ft., three-floor, showroom on the corner of Broome and Lafayette. PIRCH, for those who don't know, is a luxury appliance retailer that allows you to try out the products in store, creating an experience for the shopper that is unlike any other. Believe me, I'd be way more inclined to buy a Miele oven and dishwasher if I could make dinner and do the washing up as a trial run. Actually that's not true. When I was doing post-production at my last gig, the production company had a Miele dishwasher I was contemplating on stealing. But I digress.

Traveler beer co. Unlimited edition bottles and cans,

Yes, the unlimited edition bottles and cans created by the Traveler Beer Company, available immediately, until further notice. In collaboration with itself, the company created the unlimited edition label with not only the same look and feel as regular Traveler Beer, but also the same design. Exactly. See+ Same. same same same same same. Oh and that bit too.

See also, the online film announcing it. Funny, guys.

Radio Flyer is imagination on wheels

Radio Flyer isn't just a wagon. It'a a tool to fuel kids' imagination. Nice, simple art direction here.

VW Side Assist shows you everything.

One of the biggest causes of accidents in Germany is when people change lanes without really looking. Volkwagen Commercial Vehicles invented "Side Assist.“ showing the dangers in the driver’s blind spot via signals in the wing mirrors. This way, with just one look,you can spot any danger behind or alongside the car. To create awareness about VW's side assist, they inserted a card into the housing of wing mirrors on all competing commercial vehicle brand.

Dignity Institute, talking bones DM images

While you can watch the case study explanation of the "talking bones" campaign here, the x-ray records need to be seen on their own. The x-rays are of Arta, Adnan and Fideles bones, revealing the torture that their bodies have suffered through. Arta’s, Adnan’s and Fidele’s stories were then recorded onto vinyl, which had the X-ray of them on it. You'd see the damage and hear the stories at the same time.

Wunderman Creative Director creates baby case study to announce paternity leave

As a Creative Director, taking even a day off seems like it's impossible as you'd be asked for input on things, emailed, called up and texted either way. So what do you do when you need to be out of the office for a month? Well, since it's the Creative Director of Wunderman Portugal, Luís Coelho paternity leave, he had a creative solution to explaining his absence. He would be Out Of the Office to attend to his latest work in progress, his daughter Sofia - and he has the case study board to prove it.

Congratulations Luís Coelho and Mom, Sofia is adorable.

Mother NY puts their mothers on billboards for mothers day.

“Be the sort of individual your courting profile guarantees”,“Tell your therapist nice things about me” and “Follow your dreams, just not the kind you had in puberty” are but a few of quirky mother pearls of wisdom plastered on street posters and billboards around NYC now, leading up to Mother's day. Paul Malmström says that there's a lot of talk about "Influencers" lately, so why not bring out the ultimate influencers, our moms: “I feel our most influential individuals are the moms, and our moms. We needed to have them give us an influential voice.”

It was a great year for censorship

Reports without borders are "celebrating," censorship with a campaign denouncing the lack of freedom of the press in twelve countries. These include:

Help animals get it on for the WIldlife Conservation Film Festival

In addition to a website where you can buy merchandise of animals doin' it, with all proceeds going to the WIldlife Conservation Film Festival, there are also a series of print ads running in Vice magazine and Metro NYC.

Harvey Nichols features 100 year-old model in ad to run in Vogue

This years June issue of Vogue, will celebrate the iconic fashion mag’s 100th birthday. So Harvey Nichols created an ad with Bo Gilbert, who was born in 1916, as their main muse. And she looks fantastic.

Café Pelé's coffee is so fresh they packed it in the daily newspaper

To show that your product is packed every day and is so fresh Café Pelé had a brilliant idea, they simply packed their coffee in the daily newspaper.

BETC Pop gets together with Burn energy drink

Burn, which is an energy drink now part of the Monster Energy conglomeration, is making a big comeback as beign the official energy drink partner of France's hottest electronic music festivals: Nuits Sonores (Lyon), Weather Festival (Paris)Astropolis (Brest ), the Peacock Society (Paris) and Marsatac (Marseille).

Norwegian State Railways urges you to be polite

Unngå floke = Avoid Tangles.

Thank you for moving in and using the whole train
We travel together.

Unngå propp = Avoid Jams.

Thank you for using the whole platform
We travel together.

I love the illustration style here. Very fun way of telling someone to act politely..

National Geographic creates confused "faceswap" campaign.

From Y&R São Paulo we get this totally visually driven idea for national Geographic - and forgive me but my immediate thought was "Did National Geographic really approve this?"

Arla: The cheese that keeps you going forward

Arla is the cheese that doesn't over promise. It's not about being able to climb a mountain. More like getting the vacuuming done because it's high on protein and low on fat. Fun art direction.

Muscle Milk: Stronger Every Day

Work your butt off every day. That's the gist of these inspiring lines from Muscle Milk, two of which feature Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry.

San Diego Zoo wants you to help save the northern white rhino

Last year, the San Diego Zoo's northern white rhino died, leaving just three left on the planet. M&C Saatchi LA used the rhino horns as an EKG to remind us all that time is almost out, but that we could help end extinction through conservation, not just of the northern white rhino but other animals too, if we go to to donate.