Now France will get Game of Thrones the same time America does

France has had it rough for years now because America had been getting all the cool stuff first. Sometimes they'd have to wait years before they'd get the cool stuff we had. Like Jeans and an electric guitar. In the case of cupcakes, they had to wait for sixty years. No joke. And don't even get them started on entertainment. When it comes to our TV, they often have to wait an entire season before they get to catch up. Until now! Game of Thrones, season six, will air at the exact same time it airs in America, April 25th, at three in the morning France time.

The National Park Service is turning 100

Happy 100th Birthday, National Parks! Want more info? Go to Find Your Park and find one of your own. Then go there and sing Happy Birthday to it..

HP China "Gamers know" - Fred & Farid China show off their injury insight

To promote its “WASD” gaming brand in China, Hewlett Packard China is targeting hardcore gamers with a campaign in gaming magazines and conventions under the enigmatic platform "Gamers Know."

We all know this injury (at least if you are master race) as "The Mark of a True Gamer”, a nod to those who have spent countless hours playing their favourite games but has yet to invest in a proper wrist-rest. With this image HP winks to the gamer crowd, hoping to appeal to gamers in preparation for the release of a series of ultra powerful computers over the next few months.

VW is as easy to load as it is to unload

This loading/unloading capability is brought to you by the Volkswagen CVI.

Royal Canin Launches The Royal Family

DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam has launched Royal Canin's Worldwide digital hub, which will first come to life in the UK. Called The Royal Family. Not only does the site provide extensive information on dog breeds, but also provides you with a dog breed selector based on your preferences in terms of animal traits and the size of your house. Pretty cool. They should totally do one for cats so the rest of the world can get excited about it.

DDB Canada starts a fight for Daredevil

Daredevil, Netflix's original super hero series, is known for some crazy action fight scenes. To promote season 2, DDB created a multi-billboard installation encouraging sharing on social with the hashtags #Daredevil, #Punisher and #Elektra. The billboards evolved every 48 hours, based on who was winning "the fight," on social by being the most talked about. As a result, the losing ones were updated to show they had taken physical damage.

Canal + there's a story behind every story

These are fun. Canal+ has a history of supporting up and coming filmmakers. This print campaign shows just how hard it is to bring those films to life. My favorite is the metal colander.

Helsinki Region transport want you to go west!

Helsinki metro's western extension is going to open in August of this year. Helsinki Region Transport wanted to send a ’save the date’ message. So they created a campaign that is visually centered around the M symbol in orange, which is the color of Helsinki Metro. Simple, and to the point.

Transavia wants you to know your holidays are waiting for you

Transavia, is Air France's low cost airline. They are literally inviting you to imagine yourself in one of the many destinations they fly to.

Harlequin Books brings romance when you need it.

Whatever you're into, Harlequin romance books will provide. If you know what I mean. And I think you do. You perv.

Today AdBlock allowed one ad for Amnesty International

Today, March 12, is World Day Against Cyber Censorship, which was started by Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders. For one day only, AdBlock is allowing an ad not to be blocked. If you need to know more beyond this really smart idea, read a message from AdBlock's CEO, Gabriel Cubbage.

Smart freaking idea from ColensoBBDO Auckland. You guys just won the internet.

Thinx subway ads use text style conversation as copy

Thinx are running a new campaign in the New York City subway stations, it can be seen at Grand Central and Williamsburg’s Bedford Avenue stop, and in one out of every ten subway cars. The copy on the ads is very colloquial, to the point of looking like it came straight from a lazily spelled text. This is all part of the plan, says Miki Agrawal the CEO and co-founder of Thinx, who wants the ads to feel like a conversation between friends, and the ads to make you laugh or smile. The product is interesting as well, period panties that promise no leakage.

Cole Haan shows us The Art of Elegant Innovation

To introduce its Spring 16 line, Cole Haan uses five l New York City Ballet dancers to celebrate fashion, art, culture and architecture with the World Trade Center Oculus. Cole Haan has earned the distinction of being the very first campaign shot at that location. Conceptually, the World Trade Center Oculus mirrors Cole Haan's ZerøGrand line of clothing in functionality and mobility.

VW Golf even if you get distracted.

Some fanciful print ads that demonstrate VW Golf's ability to brake even if you are distracted by, well, fanciful things.

Y&R Prague creates watermark recruitment campaign for art directors

Really neat recruitment idea that makes use of art director behavior. Y&R Prague went and partnered with stock photo site Dreamstime and turned their watermarks into a recruitment ad. Brilliant contextual advertising.

Aloft hotels get some fun door hangers.

Sleek Machine created some signage and social posts for Aloft Boston Seaport Hotel touting their appear to people with a "whatever goes" spirit. Fun stuff. At least there's one that says "Please don't disturb," in big bold letters as that's all the messaging I really want on my door.

2 GINGERS gets fiery

2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey was founded by a mother and aunt, both red heads. These ads live up to their quirky unique style and offer up familiar cocktails with a twist. I love the photography and style of these ads. It's like they exist in their own world, rather than trying to piggy back onto the latest social media trend or whatever. They stand out for all the right reasons. I am even willing to bet there's a certain red-headed Swede who is CEO of this site who would want to sample these. Might have to get my hands on some and send it over.

Serve Marketing spells it out in condoms for Get Checked Omaha

Get Checked Omaha and Serve Marketing used unwrapped condoms to spell out copy encouraging teens and young adults to stop the spread of STD's.
Simple message, but effective, too. Just like the condoms. These are running in social as well as out of home. I'll bet they're the ads that stand out when you're driving down I-29.

Element Hotels Periodic Table

The Element Boston Seaport Hotel now has its own periodic table of all the elements needed for a great stay. This was brought to life not only in out of home but as social posts, too.

The Samaritans - ‘We Listen’ - print, UK

The "we listen" campaign uses a simple old trick, where certain words are highlighted to reveal the hidden message, and combined with the portraits of peoples backs it make you realize how important the Samaritans are. They listen, and in many cases they are the only people some can turn to. Not everyone can understand how one feels losing a job when you're older, or the struggles of losing your life-partner. Lonely, stressed out for whatever reason, the Samaritans are literally there to listen, and help.