Ford thinks your feet have got potential

Because your feet can do wonderful things. Everyone from Neil Armstrong to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz to Michael Jackson and Godzilla are represented here. Fun way to sell the feature of a foot activated lift-gate to open the trunk.

How fast can you see a physician at Doctors Express?

Faster than you can pronounce your issues. Simple and to the point.

The Directional billboard #McDriveKing - print, France

Near Brioude, a town of 6,700 inhabitants in the Haute-Loire region, two temporary billboards were built. One of them displaying 258km directions, nearly a 5-hour drive to get toe Burger King. The other showed make a left to McDonald's. Here's a short film of the day they put the sign up. It wasn't up for long, but long enough to make an ad and amuse the villagers.

HOBBS wants you to make an understatement

Blend in. Literally. With the walls. This is the fashion line for people who don't want to stand out. These ads convey that a little too well.

Outsmart winter with VIA Rail

If you live in Canada, particularly anywhere other than most of British Colombia, there's a good chance you're going to get hit with nasty winter weather. Don't let that disrupt your travel. Take the train, yo.

Seize the moment with Pepsi

These ads for Pepsi come from BBDO Moscow, but are in multiple languages, not just Russian. Empowering the youth to get out there and live for the moment because you are young.

Snickers - "Retoucher" for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue inspired by photoshop disasters

Snickers decided to rip a page from "photoshop disasters" in their fresh ads for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue - front and back covers. Last year Snickers created a "Medusa inside cover on Sports Illustrated, which we almost wanted to badland, since it reminded us of Super Models with cable instead of DirecTV.

Happy Valentine's Day from Atomic Candy

Innocean goes retro pulp fiction sci-fi with these fun Valentine's Day ads for Atomic Candy. Fun headlines, too. Once she got past his hard outer shell is my favorite.

McDonald's McCafé Snow Report Billboard updates showfall levels, by foam peaks on their coffee.

McDonald’s Canada updates Whistler, BC snowfall levels through foam peaks, or whip cream mountain-tops, on top of hot McCafé beverages. How clever.

22-Squared and Shoe Carnival want you to #LaceUpForLacey

Shoe Carnival is a large retail outlet with more than 400 stores. This is their largest social media push in history, and for a good cause, too. Running on the usual suspects, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, their campaign goal is less about selling shoes, and more about joining the fight against pediatric cancer. Shoe Carnival has teamed up with Coaches vs. Cancer and Princess Lacey's Legacy, to sell a special pair of gold shoelaces honoring Lacey Holsworth.

Chevrolet sets you straight

This ad for Chevy touts their lane assist feature. However, you must beware because you are entering a puntastic zone!

Bezeq: Eventually you'll get used to it.

The new digital library is awesome, but it will take some getting used to.

Forget about heaven. Life was better thanks to the lotto

Love the simplicity of this ad. Very funny stuff.

"Breastfeeding stickers" by Boone Oakley

Boone Oakley created a poster campaign and stickers for hospitals to encourage, and help, new mothers to nurse. The first to adopt them is Women and Babies Hospital, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The stickers, which look like those stickers you might find on fruits and vegetables, carry slogans like "the best nutrition for your baby is you" and "100% natural", but they're not just a gimmick says Boone Oakley. They're meant to serve as a memory aid to attach on the breast after nursing, so as to remember which breast you nursed from last.

SOFI: The ad campaign that launches the 'beginning of a bankless world'

Bankless world? Yes, SoFi, is a leader in marketplace lending and the largest provider of student loan refinancing, and they want you to see a brighter future. With MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER they created this campaign, projected onto bankings old buildings, to show you the light. Insert visual pun here.

#SexfactsOmaha aims to debunk teen sex myths by exposing them

Serve marketing has created the campaign “Get the Sex Facts Omaha”, that aims to debunk some of the widely spread myths young people have about sex, and hopefully open up for conversations with their parents about sex.

You might have pre-diabetes.

86 million Americans have pre-diabetes. You can reverse that or prevent that by taking care of your diet and exercising. Go to DoIHavePreDiabetes to learn more. I love the humor here.

D4 uses real workers for its Martin Law Firm campaign

In addition to its spot featuring real workers, the print, OOH and websites for Martin Law, created by Philly-based D4, also feature real workers. Again, I wish there was some backstory to the men and women featured here, but at least it's not the usual b.s. overweight lawyer pointing to camera and telling us he's on our side.

Rainbow touch on Visit West Hollywood's Annual Travel Guide via M&C Saatchi

By the looks of it, M&C Saatchi let their designer have free reign, to show us Weho, the predominantly gay neighbourhood in the middle of L.A where naturally, creativity, design, style and all the happening nightclubs center. This is an annual travel guide that shows off the area's 1.9 miles of energy and style in the heart of LA. It looks so perfectly LA it's almost painful, with that discreet rainow touch on the black cover, so on fleek, unlike the use of the expression "on fleek".

Must Bubble Gum's long lasting flavour '45' & the stinkiest print ad ever

The only thing that would make this ad better is if it was some sort of scratch and sniff print, but the photograph's treatment of all the lovely but stinky-breath foods has the same effect visually. Radishes, onions, glorious garlic flowers and spicy sausage crowd the page and make you wish for a stick of minty gum.