Carlsberg Hof - Probably The Best Recycled Slogan For The World

Carlsberg Hof beer hasn't changed a bit in over 80 years. that is, until today. Now, this classic beer is brewed only with 100% organic ingredients. Good for planet! Tasty for you! To celebrate this, M&C Saatchi recycled one of the most famous slogans in the world, with a little touch of Carlsberg. Puntastic.

American Cancer Society: If only....

If only we had a dollar for every emotion directed at cancer, we could save lives. Well, according to Charity Watch , ACS CEO John Seffrin was compensated $1,404,269, making him the 7th highest CEO. There's some money we could use.

SvD - The long story or the short story - print, Sweden

Svenska Dagbladet, one of the leading Swedish national newspapers known as "SvD", has a new feature - you can read the short version or the in depth version of the news. M&C Saatchi Stockholm were called upon to show people that this new feature exists, and show us here in billboards what THE LONG STORY and THE SHORT STORY are like, that you'll now find at

Mint Vinetu want to bring second life to your old books

Mint Vinetu is a bookstore in Lithuania. And NEW! creative agency wants you to give your old books new life by selling them, so others can rediscover the authors you haven't read in forever. Kinda silly and creepy, too!

Liseberg - Halloween poster changes at night - (2015)

"Discover a new side of Liseberg - dare you stay after 5 pm?" So reads the line that appears on the poster which changes at night, a technique that involves printing on both side of the paper to take advantage of the three lights in the poster stand. I've used this technique myself for a Douwe Egberts christmas coffee called "Winter Gloed" (winter glow), and the trick is really to keep the image simple. Liseberg has a photo of a smiling kid in a cape, and at night he turns into a proper creepy vampire with ghouls behind him. Nice.

You're too young to be a grandparent

For real. If you have teenaged children, talk to them about sex before it's too late. I love the art direction as much as i do the smart insight, aiming the communication at the parents instead of the kids. And the larger implication: take an active interest in your kids' lives.

Stihl outdoor tools are powerful and fast

Love the chainsaw one. Feels like it's got Lürzer's Archive written all over it.

Columbia Sportswear: Still tested tough.

A great idea can keep a campaign going indefinitely. Columbia Sportswear's "tested tough," is one such idea. Just ask the 91-year-old matriarch and Chairman of the Board, Gert Boyle. She was the star of a long-running campaign in the 80's 90's (and perhaps even 2000's ) in which she tested Columbia Sportswear on her son. She's still testing them tough, and I hope she keeps doing so at 100.

Arla Cheese is Humongo

Arla cheese is so big in flavor and taste and awesomeness, you can totally compare them to other big things and realize those big things aren't nearly as big. I love the packaging on this, too.

Camila Auto Parts - Unauthorized parts are worthless when needed

Saving money by using unauthorized auto parts? Camila reminds you that being cheap can get really expensive, under the concept "useless When Needed" a dealer of original spare parts uses a visual metaphor to warn of the danger that is giving up the use of original parts. It may even cause fatal accidents.

Publiká7 has created these visual and are running the campaign as outdoor, online and press ads. Publiká7 has also redesigned Camilla Auto Parts's corporate ID to bring a cleaner modern look to the company and its visual communication.

Georgetown Optician - Our Family Knows Glasses - print

The print campaign for Georgetown Optician is quite the stylish story of a family where everyone knows glasses. Even the dog.

See also Georgetown Optician - Our Family Knows Glasses the advert.

New Balance gives everyone in Canada* a free pair of shoes.

*Canada, Kansas, that is. Clever stunt to introduce New Balance Woods Pack, a 574 pack exclusive to The Great White North. The spot is classic and charming as the print.

Kymco - "In case of emergency break glass" scooter billboard

In the middle of 2015, Tel Avivians were surprised to find out their lives were about to change due to the start of the light train constructions. Their daily commute would now become a daily McGyverish hack, in trying to find alternative transportations - a bit like the London Underground strike, which Sure deodorant took advantage of to sell more antiperspirant.

Paulo Coelho publishes entire book in double paged spread

Paulo Coelho's book, The Alchemist, has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for seven years. To celebrate this, he published the book in its entirety, in a double page newspaper ad and on bus shelter panels in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Copy translation: “The Alchemist. 7 years on the New York Times best sellers list. Thank you to the 70 million that read the book. If you’re not one of them, read this ad. – Paulo Coelho”

Papelarissa - Books & Dolls / Books To Take In A Pocket - Brazil

Publiká7 just sent us this, and the dolls are really sweet looking. We understand quite quickly that the books are small. Here' what they have to say about the work:

DVX. Because every home has a story

This "As Told By DXV" campaign reimagines classic works of literature to make the point that every home has a story, and the DXV makes it easier to tell your own.

RO Jazz & Blues Festival

Rio das Ostras Jazz & Blues Festival is a huge event Rio de Janeiro.The festival features a selection of the best musicians in a series of free outdoor concerts. "The best in the world the best of Brazil," campaign highlights illustrations inspired by icons such as Louis Armstrong, Bebo Valdes and Ron Carter. The english translation is a bit clunky but the illustrations are fantastic.

Xerox helps everything run better, including the US Open

Operational efficiency is top priority for businesses and governments, and at major events like the U.S. Open. Xerox's new brand strategy – Work Can Work Better – highlights how organizations can stay on top of their game.

Under Amour brings Rugby to the Thames

Under Armour and Amsterdam agency WE ARE Pi launched its nationwide campaign for Underarmour, on a boat on the River Thames. The 30m long vessel transported a huge image of Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) players Jamie Roberts and Leigh Halfpenny, accompanied by fellow Home Nations representatives James Haskell (England), Jordi Murphy (Ireland), Drew Mitchell (Australia) and Canadian Jamie Cudmore, displayed across eight shipping containers.

Then after a time, they ripped off the players country colors to reveal Under Armour.

GANT celebrates brilliance

Celebrating the smartest people in the world who also wear GANT, BETC featured five former Ivy League students with amazing careers. Notably: