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For Those Lost, Just Not Forgotten (2012)

Director Cole Webley just completed this beautiful, powerful and moving passion project, a short film titled "For Those Lost, Just Not Forgotten".

"The film is a visual expression of the angst of being lost - emotionally," explains Webley. "It represents something we all go through, and something that is integral to the human experience. We certainly don't like it, but we almost can't avoid feeling this way at some time or another."

The imagery of the film is set to a poem written by Chateau Bezerra, an Art Director at AKQA, whom Webley went to university with and where the two collaborated on some of the director's first spec work.

the "Fuck-it list"

One week after the Cannes Lions Festival, DDB Toronto's Daniel Bonder will be 29.
Too long in the tooth for a slot at the prestigious Young Lions Academy.

So to celebrate this rite of passage, he does what any "young" creative would do in their so-called last week of youth. He creates "The Fuck-It List,” which is also his submission to enter the 2012 Academy.

Along the way we see Bonder do a dine and dash, have sex in public, get drunk in public, fart in public, get a face tattoo and more.

It's nicely shot thanks to the DDB Toronto folks. We just wish the examples on The Fuck-It list were more, well, creative. A quick poll around here shows most of us crossed off 95% of that list before we were 18. Maybe he's a late bloomer.

It's been a year since the devestating eartquake and subsequent tsunami tore up the coast of Japan. The Japanese people being highly resilient and armed with a can-do attitide have cleaned the place up so you wouldn't even know a tsunami ever hit, but sadly in the eyes of tourists there's a lingering image of a land in ruins. How do we change that perception?

These students have a bright idea, have the eye-witnesses already visting Japan upload their tourist-pics via a special to the web, and earn free online minutes b doing so, thereby encouraging people to share even more images with their friends back home.

Very clever.