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Keir Dullea encounters a mysterious object, in a scenario reminiscent of the penultimate scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey that he appeared in over forty years ago.

Everything in this 2001 homage is absolutely perfect except Keir's shoes. They look comfortable. That's all wrong. Still, I think even the toughest Kubrick fan will approve, and even squeee a little.

This spec teaser was developed over a two year period on a shoestring budget. Live action was filmed multi-camera, against greenscreen atop a backlit plexi floor. Mr. Dullea was then integrated into an entirely digitally created CG set rendered at 1080HD.

Fresh faced Dutch director Jelmar Hufen wrote and directed this little film, which comes complete with a small town full of characters, a great soundtrack, and the protagonist who just wants to ride his motorbike but has nobody to hang out with, now that all his mates have 'picked up girls on the high street'. The desolated town shots are great, I really like how this clip is crafted. Our hero goes to high street to see if he can "pick up a girl too", and that's when it gets even weirder.

Dirt Devil - The Exorcist - (2011)

The mumbled prayers. The ticking clock. The grimy dark setting. The screams from the bedroom. It's all so spot on, the only thing that could make this any better was if it ran only on Halloween.