When it comes to Celebrity Cruises, modern luxury Llves here

From a lawn perfect for mid-afternoon picnics, to decadent chocolates and the best most interesting wines around, Celebrity Cruises has it all.

Balmain brings back Claudia, Cindy and Naomi for spring 16 campaign

They're baaack... Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell show that despite years gone by and babies had, they are still fit, leggy as all get out and can strike a pose like no other. There's a reason these ladies were in the super model posse in the 90s, they know their angles. I'd be super excited if the queen of transforming fashion and every haircolour known to man, Linda Evangelista, was with them, but I'll take the top three ladies too.

See in the dark with Seek Thermal Outdoorsman

These print ads were created for the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Which I assumed, because I've yet to sell a client on the word "bastard," in a headline.

Virgin Holiday wants you to dream bigger this January

There's gonna be lots of sales, so dream bigger! I would also dream bigger by not using puns, (full board, ffs) but that's just me.

Bring education home with Comcast's Internet Essentials

Comcast's Internet Essentials makes it easy for low-income houses to have access to broadband internet with their 9.95 a month plan. They even provide access to a $150 computer. This campaign touts the educational benefit of having home internet for kids. Nice illustration, too. The astronomy one is my favorite.

Dacia just rewrote the owner's manual

Romanian car Dacia is the traditional sponsor of Gaudeamus, the biggest book fair in Romania which they've sponsored for 10 years now. For the 2015 edition of the new Dacia, they did something completely different: they made it so you'd want to real the owner's manual well before your car gets stalled. They brought on 30 writers and illustrators d to transform the regular chapters of an owner’s manual, like Tools, Dashboard, Child’s Security, Safety Belt, into pieces of literature – short prose or poetry.

Gingerbread man seeks new home using Trulia

The gingerbread man done knocked up his old lady so now they've got to get a bigger crib in the burbs. So much for city living. Thankfully there's Trulia to the rescue!

And check it: Trulia's also giving away 2,000 a day for 12 consecutive days (they started on December 1st) if you visit their website and give them your email address.

Serve Marketing Covers Chicago With Condoms

Serve Marketing and the city youth of Chicago just launched "Chicago Wears Condoms" to promote safe sex, reduce teen birth rates and STDs and overall improving adolescent health. The fun illustrations literally cover Chicago's skylines with condoms. Putting the "cock," in Hancock Tower, eh? Sorry, couldn't resist.

They also had fashion students from the Illinois Institute of Art develop dresses made out of 12,000 condoms which they then wore at Roosevelt Train Station on World AIDS Day.

Grey Argentina invites us to meet our brains.

This campaign is for Hospital Alemán’s “Interactive Brain” exhibition, supported of the Ministry of Health of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Learn more about what makes us different. I love the illustrations of these. I wish they sold them as 3D models as I'd buy them. Guys! It's not too late to merchandise!

Arla drops some massive cheese in Helsinki

Playing off it's recent campaign of big flavor, Arla dropped an installation, literally, around Helsinki. I'm sure that turned some heads.

‘Virtual racism, real consequences‘ billboards in Brazil place tweets in tweeters neighbourhood

Racismovirtual is a non profit project in Brazil that aims to take the racist tweets offline and put them in the real world, in the neighbourhoods where they came from. If you have billboard media, you can donate it to the project. The project; ‘Virtual racism, real consequences‘ is run by a group of volunteers. The group seeks out bad tweets, finds out where it came from via the geolocation on twitter, and then gets a billboard space as near to the location as possible.

ONEMETH: Google Streetwear View

Toronto-based streetwear brand ONEMETH dropped its Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook via Google Street View. They call it Google Streetwear View. Geddit??
See, Google Street View also has a "See Inside Tour" function, so ONEMETH took advantage of that.

Check it out here. Yes, their website is a Tumblr.

Otherwise, check it out right here.

Ford reminds you not to like and drive

Don't like and drive, folks. Put the phone down. Now. Keep the hands on the wheel!

Climate Change is in our hands

Between theNovember 30th and December 12th, and the 12th COP21 will meet in Paris to talk about the climate change crisis. To make a point that we're all responsible for it, that climate change it is in our hands, BETC created an outdoor campaign featuring portraits of different people holding mirrors that reflect the sky. In other words, climate change is in their hands.

Atomic Candy goes Halloween

Ooooh scary Halloween candy posters for Atomic Candy stores. Okay not really scary. Just fun.

Billboard becomes a cage reminding people to adopt animals

Herzelia loves animals is reminding Israelis that there are too many pets in cages out there and it's time to adopt some of them.Simple execution but well done.

Let Munchery deliver your dinner.

Munchery is a food delivery service made up of in-house chefs, rather than say GrubHub that delivers food from your favorite restaurants. They even have kid's meals. San Francisco-based MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER created the first campaign for Munchery.

Fashion IZ Freedom

Toronto-based creative agency The Garden rebranded IZ – a company dedicated to the creation of sophisticated and functional clothing for people using wheelchairs, founded by renowned designer Izzy Camilleri. Moving away from traditional retail, Garden placed IZ in the cause marketing arena, with an initiative called Access10. For every product sold, IZ will give 10% of the total gross sales towards projects that help increase accessibility. IZ is partnering with organizations like Stop Gap to help mobilize teams to build brightly colored ramps in communities across North America.

John Lewis "Southampton" campaign scoops Grand Prix at Epica Awards

These striking print ads have won adam&eveDDB the Grand Prix for Press at this years Epica Awards held in Berlin. Taking the concept of arrival and translating it into a clever product-based visual, we imagine liners, sailboats and galleons, all made up of items we might buy in-store.

Munchery - Dinner is home, billboards (2015)

Ad agency MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER has created a fully integrated campaign for Munchery, a ready-to-heat food delivery service. Titled ‘Dinner Is Home,’ the idea is about loving your home and the moments made possible by having the best ready-to-heat meals delivered to your door, not just the fact that it's convenient.